What Do You Call a Group Of…



Recently, one of those rare moments of alignment occurred here at SolarWinds, when all the SolarWinds Head Geeks came home to roost, to brainstorm, to debate, to break bread together, and to just bask in the warm glow of friendship and camraderie.


But the event – which only happens between 2 and 3 times a year because our speaking and convention appearances get in the way – caused some confusion among the rest of the staff, because they didn’t know what to call it. Were we a “gaggle of Geeks”? A herd? A NERD herd?


Other collections have interesting names. There’s a murder of crows, conspiracy of ravens, ostentation of peacocks, and exaltation of larks. There’s a troop of baboons and a shrewdness of apes. A parade of elephants and a bloat of hippopotami.


Even among humans, we have some interesting group names: a blush of boys, a hastiness of cooks, or a superfluity of nuns.


SO… i thought I would put it out to the ever creative THWACKizens:


What do YOU call a collection, gathering, grouping of Geeks? Are we

  • a convention?
  • An argument or quibble?
  • An array or hash?
  • Maybe a Chaos or a Grok.


Share YOUR ideas in the comments below!

Source: solarwinds GEEK SPEAK


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