The Just Us League

The original Justice League consisted of seven – Superman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Batman, and Wonder Woman. In a parallel universe, there is the IT Justice League, a league of IT super heroes that aims to protect IT organizations and their users from the perils of application downtime, high latency, and IT disasters. As an IT pro, we all would like to think that there’s a little bit of super power in all of us. Sometimes that power is used for good. Sometimes, it’s used for evil. Most of the time, it’s used to keep our job.


To have a successfully long career in IT, you can’t operate in a silo. You simply can’t accomplish organizational, global goals by walking alone. Plus, life’s too short to walk the journey all alone. In other words, it’s best to share the IT pains and IT gains. Moreover, most of us are neither blessed with innate talent like Superman and Wonder Woman nor are we blessed with endless resources and capital like Bruce Wayne/Batman or Aquaman. Heck even with the greatest will power, we can’t create something out of nothing like Green Lantern or morph objects based on our desires like Martian Manhunter. In spite of this, we still stand and deliver when called upon when trouble befalls our applications. Teamwork, collaboration, and community make integrating and delivering application services easier and much more gratifying experience.


This is where the challenge of the “Just Us” League appears. The Just Us League is one where everyone knows your name and you just fit in because it’s always been that way. But what if you’re not a part of the original “Just Us” League, how do you join? Where are the rules to joining and participating in the Just Us League? What practical tips do you use to open up the “Just Us” League in your organizations, your communities to include new-to-you people? How do you incorporate the trust but verify modus operandi to ensure vibrant and growing teams, collaboration, and community? Let me know in the comment section below.

Source: solarwinds GEEK SPEAK


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