The Actuator – October 18th

I can summarize this week in three words: THWACKcamp! THWACKcamp! THWACKcamp!


I am in Austin this week. If you are able to visit for THWACKcamp, please say hello and let’s sit down to talk data. Or bacon.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


The Absurdly Underestimated Dangers of CSV Injection

And I thought the hover text malware was bad. Excel is used by 300 million people each day. Further proof that everything is awful.


You should get the flu shot—even if it won’t keep you from getting sick

Interesting piece regarding herd immunity. For some reason, I’ve subscribed the to the idea of herd immunity for things like smallpox, but I’ve never thought of it with regards to the flu. Probably because it’s much harder to prevent the flu. Then again, maybe that’s because we don’t all get flu shots.


How AI Will Change Strategy: A Thought Experiment

Honestly, I’m a bit shocked that Amazon doesn’t already ship me bacon and scotch automatically. No idea if this thought experiment will play out in real life or not, but if anyone can come up with a model to squeeze a few extra dollars out of our pockets (and make us feel good about it), it’s Jeff Bezos.


What Would It Look Like If We Put Warnings on IoT Devices Like We Do Cigarette Packets?

This needs to happen, and soon.


Microsoft teams up with Amazon again, this time on “Gluon” machine learning tech

This seems like an odd pairing: Microsoft and AWS getting together to collaborate on a deep learning project. The announcement seems more like the R&D teams getting together to work on a standard API to use with Azure and AWS. This could be an effort to remove Google as a player in this space.


KRACK Attack Devastates Wi-Fi Security

If the hackers don’t embed a message that says, “Release the KRACKen,” I will be very disappointed.


‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

A bit long but worth the read. I remind my children about this topic from time to time. We discuss how games will want you to do an in-app purchase, or what types of posts get the most likes, or how you suddenly got emails from companies you never recall contacting. Do yourself a favor and take time to help educate others about the attention economy.


The attention economy in action, sunset at Martha’s Vineyard:

Source: solarwinds GEEK SPEAK


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