The Actuator – November 15th

I’m in Orlando this week attending SQL Server Live, part of the Live360 events. If you are attending, stop by the SolarWinds booth and say hello. I’m happy to talk data and databases with you.


As always, here are some links from the Intertubz that I hope will hold your interest. Enjoy!


Cray Supercomputers in Microsoft Azure

Remember when Microsoft announced at Ignite that they were going to offer quantum computing as a service in Azure? You need big computers for that. Looks like they found some.


An Opinion On Offense Against NAT

Every tech decision comes down to cost, benefit, and risk. NAT is no different. I’m not a network admin, but I find this discussion fascinating. It is also eerily similar to the myriad of debates I have with my data folk.


Munich IT chief slams city’s decision to dump Linux for Windows

Munich is often hailed as a leader in how a city can operate without Microsoft software, but it has had enough of the dumpster fire they created by trying to switch to Linux. Somewhere,adatole is weeping.


YouTube to target disturbing videos masquerading as kids’ shows

I’m trying to understand why this hasn’t been a focus for YouTube already. I’m guessing the answer is money.


Culture is the Behavior You Reward and Punish

Before you read this article, take five minutes to answer the question, “What makes people successful at your company?” Then, read this article.


Self-Operating Shuttle Bus Crashes After Las Vegas Launch

Classic PEBSWADS (Problem Exists Between Steering Wheel and Driver’s Seat). No robots were harmed as a result of this crash.


Someone Mapped Out Every Quantum Leap Scott Bakula Has Ever Done

Oh boy.


Sitting on top of the world, 1 billion users, and about to fall off a cliff. The world of tech changes quickly. Here’s the cover of Forbes from 10 years ago:

Source: solarwinds GEEK SPEAK


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