It’s the cloud, so problem solved!

In the last two posts, I talked about Databases and why network and storage are so darn important for the well-being of your database(s). These are two things that a lot of companies are struggling with and in some ways, seem to have mastered over the years in their own datacentres. But now it seems they will be obsolete when things like cloud are quickly becoming the new normal.


Let’s leave the automotive comparison for now and let’s concentrate on how cloud strategy is effecting the way we use and support our databases.


There are a lot of ways to describe the cloud, but I think the best way for me to describe it is captured in the picture below:

As Master Yoda explains, Cloud is not something magical. It is not something that is the solution to all your problems by simply moving all your resources there. It will not mean that once your database is in the cloud the storage and network challenges have magically vanished. It is literally just another computer that, a lot of times, you will even share with other companies moving their resources into “the cloud” as well.


In one of my earlier posts I’ve told you that knowledge is power. The cloud doesn’t change this. If we want to migrate database workloads to the cloud, we need to measure and monitor. We need to know the impact of moving things to the cloud. As with the Force, the cloud is always there ready to be used. It is the how and when that will impact the outcome the most. There are multiple ways to leverage the cloud as a resource for to gain an advantage, but that doesn’t mean moving to the cloud is the best answer for you. Offense can be the best defence, but defence can also be the best offense. Make sure to know thy enemy, so you won’t be surprised.


May the Cloud be with you!

Source: solarwinds GEEK SPEAK


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