Checkpoint in the IT Career

Change is coming fast and furious and the eye of the storm are applications. I’ve seen entire IT departments go into scramble drills to see if they possessed the necessary personnel and talent to bridge the gap as their organizations embraced digital transformation. And by digital transformation, I mean the ubiquitous app or service that can be consumed from anywhere on any device at any given time. For organizations, it’s all about making money all the time from every possible engagement. Remove the barrier to consume and make the organization more money is what digital transformation is all about.


There are new roles and responsibilities to match the new technical paradigms. Businesses have to balance their technical debt and deficit and retire any part of their organization that cannot close the gap. Ultimately, IT leaders have to decide on the architecture that they’ll go with and identify whether to buy or build that corresponding talent. The buy and build talent question becomes THE obstacle to success.


The need for IT talent to navigate the change that is coming at a higher velocity, greater volume, and with more variety coupled with the dearth of IT professionals with those coveted skill sets are leading to IT leaders going into binge buying mode. But what about the latent talent that they currently have in their organizations? Are IT pros merely disposable resources – another form of tech debt?


Buy or build? This is the billion dollar question since personnel talent is the primary driver of innovation. That talent turns technology and applications into industry disruptors. Where does your organization stand on this issue? Are they building or buying talent? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: solarwinds GEEK SPEAK


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