Automation and Orchestration Provide the Keys to Cloud Computing

By Joe Kim, SolarWinds EVP, Engineering and Global CTO


Most federal agencies have to contend with a constant lack of IT resources—staff and budget alike. In fact, many of these agencies have been performing IT tasks manually for years, heightening the pain of that already painful burden. Agencies, take heart. There is a way to ease that pain. In fact, there is a single solution that solves both of these issues: automation.


Today’s federal IT pros simply can’t afford to be burdened with the extra time manual interventions take. Automation can help eliminate wasted time, ease the burden of overtasked IT staff, and allow the IT team to focus on more mission-critical objectives.


Automating Alerts


Take alerts, for example. Alerts will always be a critical part of IT. But, there is a way to handle them that doesn’t take hours out of a federal IT professional’s day.


In a manual scenario, when a server alert is created because a disk is full, the response would be to, say, dump the temp directory. That takes time and effort. What if, instead, the administrator wrote a script for this task to take place automatically? That would save time and effort, and would take care of the fix more quickly than a manual approach.


Here’s another scenario: Let’s say an application stops working. The manual approach to getting that application back up and running would take an inordinate amount of time. With automation, the administrator can write a script enabling the application to restart automatically.


Of course, not all alerts can be solved with an automated response. That said, there are many that can, and that translates to time saved.


Beyond Alerts


Going beyond simply automating alerts, think about the possibility of a self-healing data center, where scripts and actions are performed automatically by monitoring software issues as they happen.


There are tools available today that can absolutely provide this level of automation. Consider tools dedicated to change management and tracking, compliance auditing, and configuration backups. These types of tools will not only save administrators vast amounts of time and resources, but will also greatly reduce errors that are too often introduced through manual problem solving. These errors can lead to network downtime or even potential security breaches.


As a federal IT pro, your bottom line is the mission. The time you save through automation can help sharpen that focus. Enhancing that automation will allow additional time to focus on developing and deploying new and innovative applications, for instance, or ways to deliver those applications to users more effectively, so they can have the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently.


When you automate, you make your life easier and your agency more agile, innovative, nimble, and secure.


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Source: solarwinds GEEK SPEAK


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